noun \ˈstrēk\

: a long, thin mark that is a different color from its background

: a quality that is noticeable especially because it is different from a person's other qualities

: a period of repeated success or failure

Full Definition of STREAK

:  a line or mark of a different color or texture from the ground :  stripe
a :  the color of the fine powder of a mineral obtained by scratching or rubbing against a hard white surface and constituting an important distinguishing character
b :  inoculum implanted in a line on a solid medium
c :  any of numerous virus diseases of plants (as tobacco and corn) resembling mosaic but usually producing at least some linear markings
a :  a narrow band of light
b :  a lightning bolt
a :  a slight admixture :  trace <had a mean streak in him>
b :  a brief run (as of luck)
c :  a consecutive series <was on a winning streak>
:  a narrow layer (as of fat)
:  an act or instance of streaking

Examples of STREAK

  1. He left streaks where he wiped the glass.
  2. The miners had streaks of coal dust on their faces.
  3. a streak of 11 straight victories

Origin of STREAK

Middle English streke, from Old English strica; akin to Old High German strich line, Latin striga row — more at strike
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Mineralogy Terms

agate, host, inclusion, matrix



: to make long lines of a different color on or in (something)

: to go or move very quickly

: to run through a public place naked in order to get attention

Full Definition of STREAK

transitive verb
:  to make streaks on or in <tears streaking her face>
intransitive verb
:  to move swiftly :  rush <a jet streaking across the sky>
:  to have a streak (as of winning or outstanding performances)
:  to run naked through a public place
streak·er noun

Examples of STREAK

  1. A shooting star streaked across the sky.
  2. A skateboarder streaked past us.

First Known Use of STREAK


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