noun \ˈgrēk\

: a person born, raised, or living in Greece

: a person whose family is from Greece

: the language of the Greeks

Full Definition of GREEK

a :  a native or inhabitant of ancient or modern Greece
b :  a person of Greek descent
a :  the language used by the Greeks from prehistoric times to the present constituting a branch of Indo-European — see indo-european languages table
b :  ancient Greek as used from the time of the earliest records to the end of the second century a.d. — see indo-european languages table
c often not capitalized [translation of Latin Graecum (in the medieval phrase Graecum est; non potest legi Italian is Greek; it cannot be read)] :  something unintelligible <it's Greek to me>
:  a member of a Greek-letter fraternity or sorority

Origin of GREEK

Middle English Greke, from Old English Grēca, from Latin Graecus, from Greek Graikos
First Known Use: before 12th century



Definition of GREEK

:  of, relating to, or characteristic of Greece, the Greeks, or Greek <Greek architecture>
a :  eastern orthodox
b :  of or relating to an Eastern church using the Byzantine rite in Greek
c :  of or relating to the established Orthodox church of Greece
:  of or relating to fraternities or sororities <the Greek system>

First Known Use of GREEK

14th century
May 29, 2015
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