noun har·di·hood \ˈhär-dē-ˌhd\

Definition of HARDIHOOD

a :  resolute courage and fortitude
b :  resolute and self-assured audacity often carried to the point of impudent insolence

Examples of HARDIHOOD

  1. <the 80-year-old grandmother attributes her hardihood to having eaten a cup of yogurt every day for the past 50 years>
  2. <the explorers were driven by an almost reckless hardihood in the face of the unknown>

First Known Use of HARDIHOOD


Synonym Discussion of HARDIHOOD

temerity, audacity, hardihood, effrontery, nerve, cheek, gall, chutzpah mean conspicuous or flagrant boldness. temerity suggests boldness arising from rashness and contempt of danger <had the temerity to refuse>. audacity implies a disregard of restraints commonly imposed by convention or prudence <an entrepreneur with audacity and vision>. hardihood suggests firmness in daring and defiance <admired for her hardihood>. effrontery implies shameless, insolent disregard of propriety or courtesy <outraged at his effrontery>. nerve, cheek, gall, and chutzpah are informal equivalents for effrontery <the nerve of that guy> <has the cheek to call herself a singer> <had the gall to demand proof> <the chutzpah needed for a career in show business>.


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