noun \-ˌwd\

: a type of tree that grows in the U.S. and has seeds that look like they are covered with cotton

Full Definition of COTTONWOOD

:  any of several poplars having seeds with cottony hairs; especially :  one (Populus deltoides) of the eastern and central United States often cultivated for its rapid growth and luxuriant foliage

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides)—Kitty Kahout/Root Resources

Any of several fast-growing North American trees of the genus Populus. Members of the willow family, cottonwoods have heart-shaped, toothed leaves and cottony seeds. The dangling leaves clatter in the wind. The eastern cottonwood (P. deltoides) has thick glossy leaves. P. canadensis is a hybrid of P. deltoides and the Eurasian black poplar (P. nigra). The Alamo, or Fremont, cottonwood (P. fremontii), is the tallest of the group. See also poplar.


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