noun \ˈlī-klē-ˌhd\

: the chance that something will happen

Full Definition of LIKELIHOOD

:  probability <a strong likelihood that he is correct — T. D. Anderson>

Examples of LIKELIHOOD

  1. There is a strong likelihood that he will be reelected.
  2. <the weatherman on TV said that the likelihood of rain today was fairly high>

First Known Use of LIKELIHOOD

14th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In mathematics, a subjective assessment of possibility that, when assigned a numerical value on a scale between impossibility (0) and absolute certainty (1), becomes a probability (see probability theory). Thus, the numerical assignment of a probability depends on the notion of likelihood. If, for example, an experiment (e.g., a die toss) can result in six equally likely possible outcomes, the probability of each is .

Variants of LIKELIHOOD

likelihood or chance


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