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Winter Break Activities

You don't need to bundle up to enjoy these activities!

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The weather outside may be frightful, but have no fear! We have plenty of ideas to keep your kids happily occupied, and learning inside, this winter break!

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Vocabulary Lists

Winter Words Vocabulary List

Winter Sports Vocabulary List

Weekly Words for Kids

Winter Book Recommendations

These book pages highlight challenging vocabulary for study and discussion questions to help guide conversations about the books.

Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu

Breadcrumbs is a heartwarming tale about magic, friendship, and the power of stories.

Greenglass House by Kate Milford

When the Greenglass House fills up with an assortment of curious characters and objects start to go missing, Milo and Meddy team up to solve the mystery that brings them to discover the truth about the old house, and themselves.

Vocabulary Activities

Eat Your Words - (Adult required) Following a recipe may seem simple as you just do the steps in order, but there are so many unique and specific words for baking techniques, measurements, and ingredients that it can be overwhelming. Find a recipe for your favorite holiday dessert or something new you're excited to bake. Before you bake, read through the recipe and encourage your child to ask you about any word they don't know.

Write a Haiku - Pick a winter activity to write a haiku about. A haiku is an unrhymed verse form of Japanese origin having three lines containing usually five, seven, and five syllables. Here’s an example: Snowball fight, my house. We'll have hot cocoa after. Will you want whipped cream?

Other fun activities

  • Play Scrabble or Bannanagrams with your family and friends, either in person or via video call.
  • If you live in an area with snow bundle up and build a snowman or have a snowball fight.
  • Grab a cup of hot cocoa to go and walk (or drive) around the neighborhood looking at holiday decorations.
  • Write your goals or New Year's Resolutions for next year.
  • Grab some popcorn and watch the movies Snow Day, Cool Runnings, and Snow Dogs.
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