Weekly Vocabulary Words for Kids

Increase your child's vocabulary with this list.

What to Know

Our weekly vocabulary lists for kids ages 8-12 feature words frequently encountered in age-appropriate books and other texts. Learn eight new words each week with high-quality Merriam-Webster definitions and pronunciations.

  1. behave | see definition»

    to conduct oneself properly

  2. horde | see definition»

    a great multitude : throng, swarm

  3. lament | see definition»

    to express sorrow for : bewail

  4. lax | see definition»

    not strict

  5. prudent | see definition»

    wise and careful in action or judgment

  6. quixotic | see definition»

    impractical especially in the foolish pursuit of ideals

  7. receptacle | see definition»

    something used to receive and contain smaller objects : container

  8. squabble | see definition»

    a noisy quarrel usually over unimportant things

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