Winter Sports Vocabulary List

Winter sports vocabulary words

  1. broomball | see definition»

    a variation of ice hockey played on ice without skates and with brooms and a soccer ball used instead of sticks and a puck

  2. bunny slope | see definition»

    a gentle incline for skiing used especially by novice skiers

  3. curling | see definition»

    a game in which two teams of four players each slide curling stones over a stretch of ice toward a target circle

  4. figure skating | see definition»

    skating characterized by the performance of various jumps, spins, and dance movements and formerly by the tracing of prescribed figures

  5. hat trick | see definition»

    the scoring of three goals in one game (as of hockey or soccer) by a single player

  6. hockey | see definition»

    a game played on ice or in a field by two teams who try to drive a puck or ball through a goal by hitting it with a stick

  7. luge | see definition»

    a small sled that is ridden in a supine position and used especially in competition

  8. mush | see definition»

    to travel across snow with a sled pulled by dogs

  9. piste | see definition»

    a downhill ski trail

  10. rink | see definition»

    a place for ice-skating or roller-skating

  11. schuss | see definition»

    to ski directly down a slope at high speed

  12. ski | see definition»

    one of a pair of narrow strips fastened one on each foot and used in gliding over snow or water

  13. slalom | see definition»

    skiing in a zigzag or wavy course between upright obstacles (such as flags)

  14. sled | see definition»

    a small vehicle used mostly by children for sliding on snow and ice

  15. toboggan | see definition»

    a long light sled made without runners and curved up at the front

  16. winter sport | see definition»

    a sport (such as ice hockey or skiing) that takes place in the winter on ice or snow

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