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Weekly Vocabulary Words for Kids December 14

Increase your child's vocabulary with this list.

  1. acumen | see definition»

    the ability to think clearly and make good decisions

  2. blasé | see definition»

    having or showing a lack of excitement or interest in something especially because it is very familiar

  3. chore | see definition»

    a dull, unpleasant, or difficult task

  4. esteem | see definition»

    respect and affection

  5. incident | see definition»

    an often unimportant happening that may form a part of a larger event

  6. plausible | see definition»

    seeming to be reasonable

  7. plummet | see definition»

    to fall straight down

  8. vacillate | see definition»

    to hesitate between courses or opinions : be unable to choose

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