The Wild Robot by Peter Brown, Vocabulary List Chapter 69-80

The Wild Robot Vocabulary List

  1. billow | see definition»

    to move as a large cloud or mass

    The avalanche slowed and settled as a cloud of dust billowed out from the cave.

  2. bombard | see definition»

    to hit or attack again and again

    "Begin the bombardment!" ordered Swooper.

  3. clamber | see definition»

    to climb in an awkward way (as by scrambling)

    She rolled through the rapids, crashed into one rock and then desperately clambered onto another.

  4. coordinate | see definition»

    to work or cause to work together smoothly

    He didn't know it but he was in the midst of a coordinated assault.

  5. defective | see definition»

    having a defect or flaw

    "Any further resistance will be proof of defectiveness, and we will deactivate you."

  6. din | see definition»

    loud confused noise

    "I hear you!" The robot's voice cut through the din.

  7. foliage | see definition»

    the leaves of a plant or of many plants

    The RECOs peered past Roz, toward the mysterious noises, but saw only foliage.

  8. glitch | see definition»

    a minor problem with a machine or device (such as a computer)

    Maybe Roz really was defective, and some glitch in her programming had caused her to accidentally become a wild robot.

  9. indefinite | see definition»

    not certain in amount or length

    "You will then live on that work site indefinitely."

  10. intrude | see definition»

    to come or go in without an invitation or right

    He had once shut down his own mother with a click, and now he would do the same thing to the intruders.

  11. malfunction | see definition»

    to fail to function or work properly

    Was RECO 1's sensor malfunctioning?

  12. mangled | see definition»

    severely injured or damaged by cutting, tearing, or crushing

    Roz was a mangled wreck, and there was nothing they could do to fix her.

  13. refurbish | see definition»

    to repair and make improvements to (something, such as a building)

    "We will return you to the factory, where the Makers will refurbish you and sell you to a work site."

  14. resistance | see definition»

    an act or instance of opposing

    "Any further resistance will be proof of defectiveness, and we will deactivate you."

  15. roil | see definition»

    to move in a violent and confused way

    Soon, the robot was the standing beside the roiling, frothing river, just above the falls.

  16. squelch | see definition»

    to splash through water, slush, or mire

    With one final crack the head broke loose, soared through the air, and squelched into the muck.

  17. stark | see definition»

    clear and harsh

    There were stark differences of opinion.

  18. taut | see definition»

    Very tense

    He was pelted with flaming pinecones, and tripped by taut vines.

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