The Wild Robot by Peter Brown, Vocabulary List Chapter 38-53

The Wild Robot Vocabulary List

  1. abandon | see definition»

    to leave and never return to : give up completely

    "Some lay eggs and immediately abandon them."

  2. consult | see definition»

    to seek the opinion or advice of

    "I might have to consult a few friends."

  3. dreary | see definition»

    dull and depressing

    On dreary summer days, they would stay inside.

  4. fanatic | see definition»

    a very enthusiastic supporter or admirer

    Brightbill was a flying fanatic, and his favorite place to fly was up on the grassy ridge.

  5. gaggle | see definition»

    a group of animals and especially a flock of geese

    Each morning, a gaggle of them would wait on the water for Brightbill to lead them into the sky.

  6. hibernate | see definition»

    to spend the winter sleeping or resting

    Many of the island animals were already thinking about their winter hibernation.

  7. hoist | see definition»

    to lift up especially with a pulley

    Until she hoisted herself onto the clifftop where two young bears were waiting.

  8. hover | see definition»

    to fly or float in the air without moving far in any direction

    He hovered there for a second, rising a little higher than before, and then he sailed backward into the soft grass again.

  9. inhabit | see definition»

    to live or dwell in

    Other parts were gritty with sand, or were tangled in seaweed, or were inhabited by small, scuttling creatures.

  10. investigate | see definition»

    to study by close examination and questioning

    They investigated the island's sandy southern point.

  11. loom | see definition»

    to come into sight suddenly and often with a large, strange, or frightening appearance

    They were standing on the rocky shore with the cliffs looming behind them.

  12. migratory | see definition»

    moving from one place to another

    But the migratory birds were preparing for the long journey south to their warm wintering grounds.

  13. negotiate | see definition»

    to be successful in getting around, through, or over

    Up she went, expertly negotiating rocky columns and ledges.

  14. nuzzle | see definition»

    to push or rub with the nose

    "I'm going to miss you," said Brightbill as he nuzzled his mother.

  15. nimble | see definition»

    quick and light in motion : AGILE

    You might already know this, reader, but raccoons have very nimble hands.

  16. orbit | see definition»

    to travel around (something, such as a planet or moon) in a curved path : to make an orbit around (something)

    "A planet is a celestial body orbiting a star."

  17. procession | see definition»

    an organized group or line of people or vehicles that move together slowly as part of a ceremony

    They made quite a grant procession, all walking together like that.

  18. sprint | see definition»

    to run at top speed especially for a short distance

    Without thinking, he sprinted toward the pond, beat his wings, and flew away.

  19. stupor | see definition»

    a condition of being not alert or able to think normally

    Mother Bear's howl was so startling that it snapped Brightball right out of his stupor.

  20. sweltering | see definition»

    oppressively hot

    It was a sweltering afternoon, and the heat had put everyone in a bad mood.

  21. updraft | see definition»

    an upward movement of air

    "So I found an updraft and we spent the afternoon circling around and around and hardly flapped our wings at all!"

  22. veer | see definition»

    to change direction

    He wiggled his tail feathers and felt himself veering back and forth.

  23. vessel | see definition»

    a craft larger than a rowboat for navigation of the water

    "A ship is a large vessel used for ocean transport."

  24. wilt | see definition»

    to lose strength

    Mother Bear's howl slowly faded, and she wilted to the ground.

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