The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo, Vocabulary List Chapters 25-30

The Tale of Despereaux Vocabulary List

  1. abundant | see definition»

    more than enough : PLENTIFUL

    "That is already abundantly clear."

  2. bungle | see definition»

    to act, do, make, or work badly

    "But I'm sure you'll find a way to bungle it."

  3. cease | see definition»

    to come or bring to an end : STOP

    That is to say that they all but ceased their functioning as ears.

  4. clout | see definition»

    a hit especially with the hand

    Another unfortunate fact of life with Uncle was that he very much liked giving Mig what he referred to as "a good clout to the ear."

  5. consume | see definition»

    to eat or drink up

    You will, by order of the king, never again consume soup.

  6. crisis | see definition»

    a difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention

    At the door to the princess's room, Mig had a sudden crisis of confidence.

  7. dainty | see definition»

    pretty in a delicate way

    The Princess Pea was riding on a white horse that picked up its legs very high and set them down very daintily.

  8. domestic | see definition»

    relating to a household or a family domestic life

    And while Mig was trying and failing at these many domestic chores, other important things were happening in the castle.

  9. dour | see definition»

    looking or being serious and unfriendly

    "Mind," said the head of the serving staff, a dour woman named Louise.

  10. function | see definition»

    to serve a certain purpose : WORK

    That is to say that they all but ceased their functioning as ears.

  11. grim | see definition»

    causing feelings of sadness

    The King's men were sent out to deliver the grim news.

  12. inquire | see definition»

    to ask or ask about

    In fairness to Uncle, it must be reported that he did always inquire whether or not MiG was interested in receiving the clout.

  13. lodge | see definition»

    to become stuck or fixed

    This hope, this wish, that she would see the princess again, was lodged deep in Mig's heart.

  14. permeate | see definition»

    to pass or spread through (something)

    In the warm months, a foul odor rose out of its dark depths and permeated the whole of the castle.

  15. plump | see definition»

    having a pleasingly full rounded shape

    She quickly became plump and then plumper still.

  16. reckon | see definition»

    to believe that something is true or possible

    "Aye, I reckon so," said Mig.

  17. scrupulous | see definition»

    careful in doing what is right and proper

    And Uncle was scrupulously fair in paying attention to both the right and left side of Miggery Sow.

  18. succession | see definition»

    a series of people or things that follow one after another

    In quick succession, Mig failed as a lady in waiting, a seamstress, and a chambermaid.

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