The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo, Vocabulary List Chapters 1-3

The Tale of Despereaux Vocabulary List

  1. aloud | see definition»

    in a voice that can be clearly heard

    "'Once upon a time,'" he said aloud, relishing the sound.

  2. conform | see definition»

    to do what other people do : to behave in a way that is accepted by most people

    Reader, you must know that an interesting fate (sometimes involving rats, sometimes not) awaits almost everyone, mouse or man, who does not conform.

  3. constantly | see definition»

    happening all the time or very often over a period of time

    He did not think constantly of food.

  4. despair | see definition»

    loss of hope : a feeling of complete hopelessness

    "I will name this mouse Despereaux, for all the sadness, for the many despairs in this place."

  5. diplomat | see definition»

    a person whose work is keeping good relations between the governments of different countries

    She was a French mouse who had arrived at the castle long ago in the luggage of a visiting French diplomat.

  6. indignant | see definition»

    filled with or expressing anger caused by something unjust or unworthy

    A piece of paper trembled at the end of her indignant whiskers.

  7. intent | see definition»

    showing great determination

    He was not intent on tracking down every crumb.

  8. litter | see definition»

    the young born to an animal at a single time

    The last mouse born to his parents and the only of litter to be born alive.

  9. obscene | see definition»

    very shocking to a person's sense of what is moral or decent

    "They are obscenely large ears," said Aunt Florence.

  10. observe | see definition»

    to make a comment about something you notice

    “Those are some big ears he's got, too,” observed his uncle Alfred.

  11. ordeal | see definition»

    a severe test or experience

    "Where are my babies?" said the exhausted mother when the ordeal was through.

  12. proclaim | see definition»

    to announce publicly : DECLARE

    "This is the last," proclaimed Antionette from her bed.

  13. relish | see definition»

    to be pleased by : ENJOY

    "'Once upon a time,'" he said aloud, relishing the sound.

  14. scurry | see definition»

    to move quickly

    His brother Furlough took him on a tour of the castle to demonstrate the art of scurrying.

  15. speculation | see definition»

    ideas or guesses about something that is not known

    But his existence was cause for much speculation in the mouse community.

  16. tragedy | see definition»

    a disastrous event

    "Oh, so sad. Oh, such the tragedy."

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