The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes, Vocabulary List Chapters 19-21

The Storm Runner Vocabulary List

  1. abyss | see definition»

    a gulf so deep or space so great that it cannot be measured

    "An abyss... until I finish it."

  2. adapt | see definition»

    to change your behavior so that it is easier to live in a particular place or situation

    "He's adapted."

  3. bypass | see definition»

    to make a detour around

    "They thought they could bypass my sight?"

  4. congested | see definition»

    too full or crowded with something (such as vehicles or people)

    A minute later we crossed the congested boulevard, then weaved down an alley lined with trash cans before emerging onto the boardwalk.

  5. dilapidated | see definition»

    falling apart or ruined from age or from lack of care

    We passed a dilapidated building with a mural on it of a blond girl in roller skates.

  6. futile | see definition»

    having no result or effect

    "This is a futile effort."

  7. gullible | see definition»

    easily fooled or cheated

    I'm not some gullible human that believes everything supernatural creatures tell him.

  8. inconceivable | see definition»

    impossible to imagine or believe

    "What lies ahead is inconceivable."

  9. infuse | see definition»

    to put in as if by pouring

    "The jade I gave you," he finally said, "is infused with ancient magic."

  10. ogle | see definition»

    to look at in a way that suggests unusual interest or desire

    I didn't like the way he was ogling me.

  11. potent | see definition»

    very effective : STRONG

    "The storm is a living force, made up of potent elements."

  12. pulsate | see definition»

    to have or show strong regular beats

    The jade turned over in my hand and pulsated.

  13. qualm | see definition»

    a feeling of doubt or uncertainty especially in matters of right and wrong

    "They have no qualms about starting over."

  14. resentment | see definition»

    a feeling of angry displeasure at a real or imagined wrong, insult, or injury

    Resentment pulsed up my legs and into my heart.

  15. vamoose | see definition»

    to depart quickly

    I treaded water, keeping enough distance to vamoose if I had to.

  16. vulnerable | see definition»

    open to attack or damage

    "You will be vulnerable."

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