The Season of Styx Malone by Kekla Magoon, Vocabulary List Chapters 31-35

The Season of Styx Malone Vocabulary Lists

  1. achieve | see definition»

    to become successful : to reach a goal

    "We're about to achieve something awesome. We can't quit now!"

  2. billow | see definition»

    to be pushed outward by air

    My shirt billowed and pulled like a sail.

  3. brave | see definition»

    feeling or showing no fear : not afraid

    Bobby Gene bit his lip, trying to look braver.

  4. compulsive | see definition»

    not able to stop or control doing something

    "He always keeps at least one of everything he might need. He's compulsive like that."

  5. disastrous | see definition»

    very bad or unfortunate

    To fall would be disastrous, but Styx would never fall.

  6. filthy | see definition»

    very dirty

    Mom patted his head. "You both look filthy."

  7. forage | see definition»

    to search for something (such as food or supplies)

    "I figured we'd forage for snacks, but this will do."

  8. furious | see definition»

    very angry

    I wanted him to know I was here. That I knew he was frightened and furious and didn't have the air to say so.

  9. glare | see definition»

    to look directly at someone in an angry way

    "We made a deal. If you insist on holding up our end of it, then I'll stand by you." He glared at me.

  10. inseparable | see definition»

    not able to be separated

    We have been inseparable all our lives, but I was starting to see the difference between us. The way Styx challenged the world to a fight- it pulled me forward, leaving Bobby Gene behind.

  11. momentum | see definition»

    the strength or force that something has when it is moving

    Momentum carried me forward until I tumbled into the grass.

  12. notable | see definition»

    unusual and worth noticing

    The most notable thing about the old guy on the porch was that he was black, like us. Not what you expect in the middle of nowhere, Indiana.

  13. proclaim | see definition»

    to say or state (something) in a public, official, or definite way :to declare or announce (something)

    "A dinner among men," Dad proclaimed.

  14. ramshackle | see definition»

    in a very bad condition and needing to be repaired

    We drew close to a ramshackle house and garage on a scrubby plot of land.

  15. stunt | see definition»

    a difficult and often dangerous action

    "But no more crazy stunts. No stealing. Nothing dangerous."

  16. treacherous | see definition»

    very dangerous and difficult to deal with

    The uneven ground that had seemed interesting on the way in now seemed treacherous. We hustled.

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