The Parker Inheritance by Varian Johnson, Vocabulary List Chapters 19-26

The Parker Inheritance Vocabulary List

  1. coax | see definition»

    to influence by gentle urging, special attention, or flattering

    It took a bit of coaxing (and Brandon promising to wash her car) but she eventually agreed to drive them.

  2. condemn | see definition»

    to declare to be wrong

    Not inviting, but not condemning either.

  3. convict | see definition»

    to prove or find guilty

    "You'd be arrested, convicted, and hooked up to the chair before you could blink."

  4. cowardice | see definition»

    shameful fear

    Didn't show any cowardice.

  5. eavesdrop | see definition»

    to listen secretly to private conversation

    "You shouldn't eavesdrop."

  6. exhibition | see definition»

    a public showing (as of athletic skill or works of art)

    "An exhibition. Nothing official."

  7. flinch | see definition»

    to draw back from or as if from pain or fear

    He patted Brandon's shoulder, making him flinch.

  8. fragile | see definition»

    easily broken or hurt

    She held the yearbook like it was fragile glass.

  9. interview | see definition»

    a meeting at which people talk to each other in order to ask questions and get information

    "Granddad suggested we interview some people who may have attended Perkins back then," Brandon said.

  10. lush | see definition»

    covered with a thick growth of healthy plants

    Every yard was perfectly manicured with lush green grass.

  11. manicure | see definition»

    to make (something, such as a lawn or a garden) look neat, smooth, and attractive

    Every yard was perfectly manicured with lush green grass.

  12. marionette | see definition»

    a puppet moved by attached strings

    She pictured him in a tuxedo and top hat, pulling at their marionette strings.

  13. needle | see definition»

    to incite to action by repeated gibes

    On Tuesday, after a little needling from Brandon, Candice puts the Wallace yearbooks aside to help him run web searches.

  14. obituary | see definition»

    a notice of a person's death (as in a newspaper)

    "Plus, according to his obituary, he was still teaching at Perkins when James Parker was running all those companies in Colorado."

  15. retribution | see definition»

    punishment for doing something wrong

    "You want retribution against any white man that ever looked at you the wrong way."

  16. sophisticated | see definition»

    having or showing a lot of experience and knowledge about the world and about culture, art, literature, etc.

    It wasn't very strong at all, not like real wine, but Candice still felt a little sophisticated whenever her mother used it.

  17. trespass | see definition»

    to enter upon someone's land unlawfully

    "They're trespassing."

  18. vandalize | see definition»

    to destroy or damage property on purpose

    "Someone vandalized this."

  19. yield | see definition»

    to be productive : bring good results

    Later that afternoon, after running more web searches that didn't yield anything.

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