The Parker Inheritance by Varian Johnson, Vocabulary List Chapters 15-18

The Parker Inheritance Vocabulary List

  1. anonymous | see definition»

    not named or identified

    "I think it was anonymous."

  2. bold | see definition»

    willing to meet danger or take risks

    Chip was bold, but not that bold.

  3. congregation | see definition»

    an assembly of persons gathered for religious worship

    Everyone in the congregation smiled and nodded, all nice and polite-like.

  4. constant | see definition»

    remaining steady and unchanged

    That had been cute when she was a kid, but she had outgrown Chip's constant mispronunciation of her name.

  5. hazy | see definition»

    partly hidden, darkened, or clouded by dust, smoke, or mist : hidden by haze

    The sky was bright and hazy at the same time.

  6. idolize | see definition»

    to love or admire greatly : make an idol of

    "The clue says Coach Washington idolized a team in a sport other than tennis."

  7. pretense | see definition»

    an act or appearance that looks real but is false

    Her mom had never put up any pretenses about being overly religious.

  8. rarely | see definition»

    not often

    "Boy rarely do, I'm afraid."

  9. seethe | see definition»

    to feel or show great excitement or emotion (as anger)

    The woman winked, like she didn't understand at all that Candice was seething on the inside.

  10. shrewd | see definition»

    showing quick practical cleverness; also : marked by clever dealing that takes advantage

    He was a shrewd businessman, but he also gave a lot of money to charities and supported scholarships through his foundation.

  11. skeptical | see definition»

    having or showing doubt

    "Stop being so skeptical."

  12. smarmy | see definition»

    behaving in a way that seems polite, kind, or pleasing but is not genuine or believable

    But not in a smarmy way.

  13. stifle | see definition»

    to keep in check by effort

    Alton Massey, one of the football players that had just signed out, stifled a grin.

  14. substantial | see definition»

    large in amount

    Some websites added a few small details, but nothing substantial.

  15. unruly | see definition»

    difficult to control

    She had expected the letter writer to be a guy with a wild beard and unruly hair.

  16. vintage | see definition»

    of old and continuing interest, importance, or quality

    "I've got some vintage T's that'll probably fit you."

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