Summer Ball by Mike Lupica, Vocabulary List Chapters 10-12

Summer Ball Vocabulary List

  1. bail | see definition»

    to leave or escape a harmful or difficult situation

    "You know, bail and somehow save face."

  2. consensus | see definition»

    a general agreement about something : an idea or opinion that is shared by all the people in a group

    Danny knew his name now because everybody in camp did, because the consensus among the rest of the campers, no matter what age they were, was that if Rasheed didn't have the most pure talent at Right Way, then Lamar did.

  3. obnoxious | see definition»

    very disagreeable : HATEFUL

    No, Lamar was a basketball bully, one who knew he could get away with acting however he wanted, acting as mean as he wanted or as obnoxious as he wanted toward the other team or his own team, just because he was better than everybody else.

  4. pride | see definition»

    to be proud because of having (an ability, quality, etc.)

    Danny had always prided himself on being a good loser.

  5. retrieve | see definition»

    to get and bring back

    It was when he banged one off the back rim and had to run to half-court to retrieve the ball that he saw Danny standing there.

  6. sprain | see definition»

    an injury that results from the sudden or severe twisting of a joint with stretching or tearing of ligaments

    "I think it's probably just a bad sprain," he said.

  7. stagger | see definition»

    to move or cause (someone) to move unsteadily from side to side

    Tarik staggered back then, looking to the sky, saying "Kill me now, Lord. He's done turned into Coach Ed."

  8. stiff | see definition»

    not easily moved

    "And it's still real sore. And stiff too."

  9. wince | see definition»

    to draw back (as from pain)

    Dr. Bradley touched the side of the knee again, and Danny winced.

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