Spring Vocabulary List

14 words about the spring season

  1. balmy | see definition»

    warm, calm, and pleasant

  2. bloom | see definition»

    to produce flowers

  3. equinox | see definition»

    a day when day and night are the same length

  4. germinate | see definition»

    to begin to grow : SPROUT

  5. hatch | see definition»

    to emerge from an egg, pupa, or chrysalis

  6. May Day | see definition»

    May 1 celebrated as a springtime festival and in some countries as Labor Day

  7. maypole | see definition»

    a tall pole decorated with ribbons and flowers that forms a center for May Day sports and dances

  8. metamorphosis | see definition»

    a major change in the form or structure of some animals or insects that happens as the animal or insect becomes an adult

  9. pollen | see definition»

    the very fine usually yellow dust that is produced by a plant and that is carried to other plants of the same kind usually by wind or insects so that the plants can produce seeds

  10. prune | see definition»

    to cut off the parts of a woody plant that are dead or not wanted

  11. sapling | see definition»

    a young tree

  12. slicker | see definition»

    a long, loose raincoat

  13. sprout | see definition»

    to produce new leaves, buds, etc.

  14. vernal | see definition»

    of, relating to, or occurring in the spring

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