Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry Chapters 18-23

Gathering Blue Vocabulary List

  1. aloft | see definition»

    in the air or in flight

    All of it in the tiniest stitches around the border of the left sleeve, aloft now with his arm outstretched.

  2. coincide | see definition»

    to agree exactly

    This part of the Song coincided with her own feelings at the moment.

  3. courteous | see definition»

    showing respect and consideration for others : POLITE

    This man appeared to be both friendly and courteous.

  4. delirious | see definition»

    not able to think or speak clearly usually because of a high fever or other illness

    My eyes were destroyed and I was almost delirious with pain.

  5. derisive | see definition»

    expressing or causing contemptuous ridicule or scorn

    She remembered the derisive voice of one of the weavers only a few days before.

  6. eerie | see definition»

    causing fear and uneasiness : STRANGE

    An eerie, glistening smoothness.

  7. falter | see definition»

    to hesitate in speech

    He began to speak, faltered, took a breath, then stopped.

  8. frigid | see definition»

    freezing cold

    He slid into the singing of the green part now, melodic and soothing, a relief after the frigid destruction that had made his voice harsh and forbidding.

  9. interminable | see definition»

    having or seeming to have no end

    For a moment she thought of asking him about the captive child below, the Singer of the future, who was being forced to learn the interminable Song.

  10. opaque | see definition»

    not letting light through : not transparent

    His eyes were opaque and unseeing.

  11. palpable | see definition»

    easily sensed : NOTICEABLE

    Its nearness was palpable.

  12. ravage | see definition»

    to attack or act upon with great violence

    "Ravaged all, Bogo tabal Timore Toron Totoo now gone..."

  13. recurrent | see definition»

    happening or appearing again and again

    He started to hum, and she recognized a recurrent melody from part of the Song.

  14. renegade | see definition»

    a person who does not obey rules

    She watched through the darkness as the blind man, the renegade boy, and the bent-tailed dog set off down the path.

  15. scourge | see definition»

    to cause a lot of trouble or suffering for (someone or something)

    "Burn, scourged world."

  16. seldom | see definition»

    not often

    Kira saw ice very seldom, only occasionally in the very coldest months when sleet struck the village, breaking tree branches, and the river froze near its banks.

  17. suffuse | see definition»

    to spread over or fill (something)

    Then while Matt watched with delight and pride suffusing his face, she unfolded it and held it to the window light.

  18. summon | see definition»

    to call into being

    When it was clear that he was summoning her to join him, she scrambled down from her chair and ran enthusiastically to the stage.

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