Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry Chapters 4-6

Gathering Blue Vocabulary List

  1. awe | see definition»

    a feeling of mixed fear, respect, and wonder

    Kira realized with awe the value of repetition.

  2. competent | see definition»

    able to do something well

    "Yet her work at the weaving shed is competent."

  3. consign | see definition»

    to put (someone) in a usually unpleasant place or situation

    Even Matt had sensed that and consigned his dog's fleas to the corridor.

  4. consult | see definition»

    to seek information from

    He went on, consulting his notes.

  5. consume | see definition»

    to eat or drink up

    Kira looked over quickly, but the beetle had been consumed now.

  6. defiant | see definition»

    refusing to obey something or someone

    She glared at him defiantly.

  7. dense | see definition»

    having its parts crowded together : THICK

    He was pointing now to a page, to its densely written text.

  8. escort | see definition»

    to accompany someone to protect or show courtesy

    The chief guardian nodded, and two guards moved forward to escort her from the room.

  9. feign | see definition»

    to put forward as true something that is not true

    Kira shrugged with feigned nonchalance.

  10. filch | see definition»

    to steal in a sneaky way

    "I filched 'em from your cott before the burning."

  11. haphazard | see definition»

    Having no plan, order, or direction

    Matt indicated a pile of objects wrapped haphazardly in a dirty woven cloth on the step near him.

  12. impetuous | see definition»

    acting or done quickly and without thought : IMPULSIVE

    Perhaps he had simply grabbed what he could with his impetuous, generous small hands.

  13. jaunty | see definition»

    lively in manner or appearance

    She stood in the open doorway and watched them retreat down the long corridor, the man leading the way, Matt walking jauntily just behind him, and the dog at Matt's heels.

  14. meticulous | see definition»

    very careful about doing something in an extremely accurate and exact way

    Kira had watched him marking these papers meticulously as he listened to the accuser.

  15. perceive | see definition»

    to recognize or realize

    It was subtle, but she perceived a difference.

  16. ravenous | see definition»

    very hungry

    Fearful of the consequences if she showed her ravenous hunger, Kira willed herself to nibble at the tempting meal.

  17. refute | see definition»

    to say or prove that something is wrong or untrue

    "Her weight refutes that accusation."

  18. relevance | see definition»

    relation to the matter at hand

    "This has no relevance," Vandara muttered.

  19. reiterate | see definition»

    to repeat something said or done

    Again the guardian who was her defender reiterated that exceptions could be made.

  20. scavenge | see definition»

    to collect usable things from what has been discarded

    It had been a useless stray, underfoot, scavenging everywhere for food.

  21. solemn | see definition»

    being serious and dignified in appearance or behavior

    He took in everything solemnly with his wide-eyed, observant gaze and made the decision himself.

  22. talisman | see definition»

    a ring or stone carved with symbols and believed to have magical powers : CHARM

    A simple but unusual thing, it had been a gift from Kira's father, and Katrina had cherished it as a kind of talisman.

  23. vindictive | see definition»

    having or showing a desire to hurt someone who has hurt or caused problems for you

    But she could still hear Vandara's voice, shrill with vindictive accusation.

  24. wan | see definition»

    showing little effort or energy

    She smiled wanly and continued down the aisle between the looms.

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