Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, Vocabulary List Chapters 18-21

Fish in a Tree Vocabulary List

  1. adaptation | see definition»

    a body part or feature or a behavior that helps a living thing survive and function better in its environment

    These are adaptations to scare other animals into thinking they are eyes.

  2. afford | see definition»

    to be able to pay for

    "Probably the only thing your mother can afford."

  3. cringe | see definition»

    to show disgust or embarrassment at something

    I cringe when I think of Shay's face.

  4. fidget | see definition»

    to move in a restless or nervous way

    Albert fidgets.

  5. grudge | see definition»

    a feeling of anger or dislike towards someone usually that lasts a long time

    "Use the word grudge and there has got to be a really good story!"

  6. hypothesize | see definition»

    to suggest (an idea or theory) : to make or suggest (a hypothesis)

    "I think he hypothesized that they came from my parents."

  7. ignore | see definition»

    to pay no attention to

    I try to ignore them.

  8. immortal | see definition»

    living or lasting forever

    "Flint is an immortal genius from Star Trek."

  9. inquire | see definition»

    to ask or ask about

    "He inquired about my bruises."

  10. invertebrate | see definition»

    an animal (as a worm or a crab) that does not have a backbone

    "Some of the most lethal creatures on earth are invertebrates."

  11. lethal | see definition»

    causing or able to cause death

    "Some of the most lethal creatures on earth are invertebrates."

  12. observe | see definition»

    to watch carefully

    "But I have observed that she is the most unkind to you and I don't understand it."

  13. predictable | see definition»

    behaving in a way that is expected

    "They are... predictable."

  14. retreat | see definition»

    to go to a place of privacy or safety

    "Well... he says it's to 'retreat from the unpleasantness of Earth and the company of people.'"

  15. ruthless | see definition»

    having no pity : CRUEL

    The second lady stares at me like I'm a ruthless butterfly hunter.

  16. rig | see definition»

    to build or set up usually quickly and for temporary use

    "So I went by the hardware store and rigged this up."

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