Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, Vocabulary List Chapters 1-4

Fish in a Tree Vocabulary List

  1. bluff | see definition»

    to pretend that you will do something or that you know or have something in order to trick someone into doing what you want

    "I don't need to read it to you. I get it," I say, trying to bluff.

  2. blunder | see definition»

    to make a mistake

    Shay and her shadow, Jessica, called me Alice in Blunderland all day.

  3. churn | see definition»

    to feel the effects of an emotion (as fear)

    My stomach churns, wondering what Mrs. Hall must have thought.

  4. comment | see definition»

    to make a statement about someone or something

    Staring up at the giant meteor soaring through the air, commenting on how pretty it is.

  5. consequence | see definition»

    something produced by a cause or following from a condition

    "Let's try to avoid any negative consequences, okay?"

  6. deny | see definition»

    to declare not to be true

    I should deny that I know, but I nod because I don't want to have to hear Mrs. Silver explain it.

  7. deploy | see definition»

    to organize and send out (people or things) to be used for a particular purpose

    "I miss how he'd move from place to place with us whenever Dad got stationed somewhere new or deployed."

  8. exasperated | see definition»

    having or showing strong feelings of irritation or annoyance

    She makes that exasperated sound.

  9. hesitate | see definition»

    to pause before doing something

    She hesitates, and I know that she must really love it.

  10. humiliate | see definition»

    to cause (someone) to feel very ashamed or foolish

    Who knew a second grader could understand what being humiliated feels like.

  11. mimic | see definition»

    to make fun of by imitating

    I give my mom the please-just-stop eyes while Shay mimics the word "sweetheart" in a baby voice.

  12. negative | see definition»

    harmful or bad : not wanted

    "Let's try to avoid any negative consequences, okay?"

  13. reality | see definition»

    the way things actually are

    Mrs. Silver's sigh brings me back to reality.

  14. regret | see definition»

    to feel sad or sorry about (something that you did or did not do)

    I stuff my hands in my pockets to keep them from doing something I'll regret.

  15. relieved | see definition»

    experiencing or showing relief especially from anxiety or pent-up emotions

    I pick up my pencil and her body relaxes, probably relieved that I've given in.

  16. rile | see definition»

    to make angry

    Everyone is all riled up and I don't even know how this all happened.

  17. sigh | see definition»

    to take in and let out a long, loud breath in a way that shows you are bored, disappointed, relieved, etc.

    She sighs.

  18. sympathy | see definition»

    Sorry or pity for another

    "Why in the world would you give a pregnant woman a sympathy card?"

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