Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu Chapters 20-25

Breadcrumbs Vocabulary List

  1. awe | see definition»

    a feeling of mixed fear, respect, and wonder

    A rush of cold slammed into Hazel, and of dread, and of awe.

  2. blanch | see definition»

    to take the color out of

    Her skin had been blanched by the night's cold, and her cheeks looked blue-black.

  3. constantly | see definition»

    happening all the time or very often over a period of time

    He worked diligently, constantly, but every time he made something fit together, another problem presented itself.

  4. desolate | see definition»

    without signs of life : BARREN

    The witch did not step toward them, she did not call to them, she merely stood there, completely still, the center of this desolate universe.

  5. diffuse | see definition»

    to spread or allow to spread freely

    Hazel could feel her heart lose its solidity and diffuse slowly in her chest.

  6. diligent | see definition»

    showing steady and earnest care and hard work

    He worked diligently, constantly, but every time he made something fit together, another problem presented itself.

  7. epoch | see definition»

    a period that is important or memorable

    It had been just over a week ago, but for Hazel it felt like an epoch away.

  8. evaporate | see definition»

    to change into vapor

    If your conscious thoughts would evaporate away before you did.

  9. inconsequential | see definition»

    not important

    She huddled her shoulders together, as if trying to make herself as inconsequential as possible, and still trudged forward.

  10. inexorable | see definition»

    showing no lessening of severity, intensity, or strength

    Something released inside of her, some cold inexorable pulling.

  11. lamentable | see definition»

    deserving to be criticized or regretted

    She was a lamentable splotch, her black hair and brown skin and green shirt and blue jeans and purple backpack a speck in this eternal whiteness.

  12. leach | see definition»

    to remove (a chemical, a metal, etc.) from a substance by the action of a liquid passing through the substance

    She held him like that, willing him to leach warmth from her, willing his body to learn from the rhythm of her heartbeat, the steadiness of her breath.

  13. malevolent | see definition»

    having or showing a desire to cause harm to another person

    They walked across malevolent swirling whiteness and did not know if they would survive.

  14. mirth | see definition»

    happiness and laughter : merry behavior

    Maybe even mirth.

  15. numb | see definition»

    to make or become unable to feel pain or touch

    So Hazel flung herself into the thin layer of icy slush watery mess and rolled around in it, numbing her skin until she was part ice cube herself.

  16. oblivious | see definition»

    not being conscious or aware

    Here, they sat in the shrieking shack oblivious to the world's crushed-up beer cans.

  17. parsimonious | see definition»

    very unwilling to spend money

    The neighbors were parsimonious with their ice.

  18. precipice | see definition»

    a very steep side of a mountain or cliff

    If she fell off the precipice she might tumble through the snow for all eternity.

  19. preserve | see definition»

    to keep or save from injury, loss, or ruin : PROTECT

    And he did sign it and he told you to get some sleep, and you didn't let anyone else touch the ball and you looked up on the Internet how to preserve it best, and you didn't even let me touch it.

  20. roil | see definition»

    to move in a violent and confused way

    She was staring into an endless wall of whirling, whipping, roiling snow.

  21. suppress | see definition»

    to hold back

    He was wet and so cold he felt wrong to her, and she had to work to suppress a shudder.

  22. treacherous | see definition»

    not safe because of hidden dangers

    The ice seemed a treacherous thing to walk on.

  23. tumult | see definition»

    a state of noisy confusion or disorder

    It was not survivable, the cold and the tumult and the endless sickening sky.

  24. valiant | see definition»

    done with courage : HEROIC

    "Um, I'm sorry," she said, struggling valiantly to keep her voice steady.

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