Bayou Magic by Jewell Parker Rhodes, Vocabulary List Chapters 22-28

Bayou Magic Vocabulary List

  1. barrier | see definition»

    something (as a fence) that blocks the way

    They're trying to build a barrier at the mouth where the Bon Temps tributary reaches the Gulf.

  2. beckon | see definition»

    to call or signal by a motion (as a wave or nod)

    I see me — onshore, arms and hands beckoning.

  3. billow | see definition»

    to move as a large cloud or mass

    In the air, smoke billows.

  4. coop | see definition»

    to restrict to a small space

    He'd be too cooped up in a city without wild animals, wild bushes, and trees.

  5. cove | see definition»

    a small sheltered inlet or bay

    The engine growls and Bolden steers the boat straight toward the Bon Temps cove.

  6. declare | see definition»

    to say (something) in a strong and confident way

    "I've been getting ready," I declare, standing tall.

  7. erupt | see definition»

    to burst out in a sudden explosion

    Miss Avril said, "Real volcanoes can erupt, drain is an hour."

  8. fiddle | see definition»

    to change or handle in a useless way

    He likes to fiddle.

  9. fidget | see definition»

    to move in a restless or nervous way

    Ma hugs Grandmère for so long I start to fidget.

  10. propel | see definition»

    to push or cause to move usually forward or onward

    My legs are powerful like a tail, propelling me.

  11. relentless | see definition»

    continuing without becoming weaker, less severe, etc.

    Relentless, crude keeps bubbling, gushing, spreading thousands upon thousands of gallons.

  12. resonate | see definition»

    to continue to produce a loud, clear, deep sound for a long time

    I hear a loud, resonating sound, an urgent call rippling high-pitched through the waters.

  13. rollicking | see definition»

    enjoyable in a lively or noisy way

    He drives the airboat put-putter slow, not fast and rollicking like Bear.

  14. scurry | see definition»

    to move quickly

    A beaver scurries, dragging a branch.

  15. stump | see definition»

    to make unable to understand : CONFUSE

    Scientists are stumped.

  16. submerge | see definition»

    to put under or plunge into water

    Bear heaves forward, submerging both of us.

  17. tousle | see definition»

    to put into disorder by rough handling

    Bailey tousles Bear's hair and gives him a wet, sloppy hug.

  18. unison | see definition»

    in exact agreement

    Agree, in unison, to dive, swift down to the river bottom to push mud, rock, and silt.

  19. urgent | see definition»

    having or showing a sense of requiring immediate action

    I hear a loud, resonating sound, an urgent call rippling high-pitched through the waters.

  20. vision | see definition»

    something dreamt or imagined

    Just like my vision — flames, yellow and orange, lick the sky.

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