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Bayou Magic by Jewell Parker Rhodes, Vocabulary List Chapters 10-18

Bayou Magic Vocabulary List

  1. emphatic | see definition»

    spoken or done forcefully

    "Sure," I say, emphatic, but it hurts to say it.

  2. explore | see definition»

    to search through or into : study closely

    There are hundreds, thousands of miles of water to explore.

  3. hesitate | see definition»

    to pause before doing something

    I hesitate.

  4. hover | see definition»

    to fly or float in the air without moving far in any direction

    "Hovering, breathing over the gulf, ready to pounce."

  5. inkling | see definition»

    a vague notion : HINT

    There's an inkling... a scratching in my mid.

  6. lilt | see definition»

    the attractive quality of speech or music that rises and falls in a pleasing pattern

    Grandmère's voice lilts, her lovely sound making the words more awful.

  7. mooring | see definition»

    a place where a boat can be fastened so it will not float away

    Bear maneuvers the airboat to its mooring.

  8. parallel | see definition»

    lying or moving in the same direction but always the same distance apart

    She's parallel, just beneath me.

  9. paralyzed | see definition»

    rendered incapable of movement or action

    Something with two heads, big teeth, and a tail that stings, paralyzes.

  10. poised | see definition»

    not moving but ready to move

    Poised in the air, the moon looks like Mami Wata's crown.

  11. preen | see definition»

    of a bird : to use the beak to clean and arrange feathers

    Her feathers ruffle, but she's just preening.

  12. simmer | see definition»

    to cook gently at or just below the boiling point

    I smell sweets simmering.

  13. sluggish | see definition»

    slow in movement or reaction

    The water is sluggish as ever.

  14. somber | see definition»

    very sad or serious

    Grandemère's face is somber.

  15. thicket | see definition»

    a thick usually small patch of bushes or low trees

    We swim downstream toward a thicket of cypress trees.

  16. tremor | see definition»

    a quivering or vibratory motion

    I hear a high tremor like harp strings.

  17. vibrant | see definition»

    having or giving the sense of life, vigor, or action

    The moon glistens vibrant white.

  18. wriggle | see definition»

    to twist or move like a worm : SQUIRM, WIGGLE

    On my belly, I scoot and wriggle toward the water's edge.

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