Bayou Magic by Jewell Parker Rhodes, Vocabulary List Chapters 1-3

Bayou Magic Vocabulary List

  1. barge | see definition»

    to move or push in a fast and often rude way

    Not knocking, she barges right into the bathroom.

  2. bayou | see definition»

    a body of water (as a creek) that flows slowly through marshy land

    Aisha says, "The bayou's boring."

  3. disoriented | see definition»

    having lost one's sense of time, place, or identity

    I wake, disoriented.

  4. dull | see definition»

    : not shiny or bright

    The cabinets are a dull white.

  5. echo | see definition»

    the repetition of a sound caused by the reflection of sound waves

    Trust your heart, I hear, echoing inside me.

  6. flounce | see definition»

    to move with exaggerated motions

    Snapping her fingers, she flounces from the room.

  7. lull | see definition»

    to make or become sleepy or less watchful

    Gentle rumblings and heat lull.

  8. luminous | see definition»

    producing or seeming to produce light

    Instead, I stare at her bright-white, curly hair, luminous like the moon.

  9. mingle | see definition»

    to bring or combine together or with something else

    Our voices mingle, making a happy tune.

  10. opaque | see definition»

    not letting light through : not transparent

    The whites turning opaque then bright white and the yolk becoming a firmer, quivering yellow.

  11. pact | see definition»

    an arrangement by which people agree about what is to be done

    She nods like we've agreed upon something. Made a pact.

  12. quip | see definition»

    to make (a clever remark)

    "Glad it's not me," quipped Layla.

  13. quiver | see definition»

    to move with a slight trembling motion

    The whites turning opaque then bright white and the yolk becoming a firmer, quivering yellow.

  14. wistful | see definition»

    having or showing sad thoughts and feelings about something that you want to have or do and especially about something that made you happy in the past

    "You're your Grandmère's child," Ma says, wistful, proud, confusing me more.

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