A Crack in the Sea by H.M. Bouwman Part 3 Chapters 4-9

A Crack in the Sea Vocabulary List

  1. alight | see definition»

    to get down : DISMOUNT

    The five survivors (plus the Turtle) alighted on the surface.

  2. bail | see definition»

    to dip and throw out water (as from a boat)

    Now that no one had to run the engine or refill the fuel tank, it was easy to take turns at bailing duty.

  3. chasm | see definition»

    a deep split or gap in the earth

    A chasm in himself that he could feel growing and growing.

  4. drawl | see definition»

    a way of speaking with vowel sounds that are longer than usual

    She sounded like herself, still the slow, low-voiced drawl, but more commanding than usual.

  5. flaw | see definition»

    a small fault or weakness

    "Wildness was his big flaw."

  6. gape | see definition»

    to stare with the mouth open in surprise or wonder

    Uncle Truc gaped at Mai.

  7. grim | see definition»

    having a very serious appearance or manner

    Mai ran over to her uncle, face grim, but he waved her away.

  8. haul | see definition»

    to pull or drag with effort

    Uncle Truc hauled her and the pot back in, dripping.

  9. influx | see definition»

    the arrival or inward flow of a large amount of something (such as money)

    But she'd slowed down the influx.

  10. malice | see definition»

    a desire to cause harm to another person

    There was no malice in her tone, just matter-of-fact truth.

  11. maelstrom | see definition»

    a dangerous area of water that moves very fast in a circle : whirlpool

    Uncle Hung had heard of such a thing: it was called a maelstrom, and it pulled things into it.

  12. peal | see definition»

    a loud sound : a series of loud sounds

    Mai laughed suddenly, and her voice pealed out as if she weren't at all tired or thirsty or hungry.

  13. pensive | see definition»

    lost in serious or sad thought

    He frowned pensively at the rice pot.

  14. pitter | see definition»

    a quick series of light sounds

    The rain pittered away to nothing.

  15. profile | see definition»

    something (as a head or a mountain) seen or drawn from the side

    Her face, in profile to Thanh, looked so strong and beautiful.

  16. ration | see definition»

    a food allowance for one day

    Though they were still on rations, Thanh wasn't parched, just thirsty.

  17. scour | see definition»

    to go or move swiftly about, over, or through in search of something

    As Mai and Uncle Truc started scouring the boat.

  18. serene | see definition»

    calm and peaceful

    Before Mai had started talking to him, the ocean was serene and still.

  19. spellbound | see definition»

    having the interest or attention held by or as if by magic power

    They just stared at him, spellbound.

  20. squall | see definition»

    a sudden strong gust of wind often with rain or snow

    He seemed to be in less pain now that the squall had ended.

  21. tousle | see definition»

    to put into disorder by rough handling

    Then he reached up and tousled his adopted niece's fuzzy head with his free hand.

  22. wry | see definition»

    showing both amusement and a feeling of being tired, annoyed, etc

    "Promise?" her mouth twisted wryly.

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