A Crack in the Sea by H.M. Bouwman Part 2 Chapters 4-6

A Crack in the Sea Vocabulary List

  1. abate | see definition»

    to become weaker : to decrease in strength

    They waited, half asleep, for the storm to abate.

  2. apathy | see definition»

    lack of feeling or of interest : INDIFFERENCE

    Not acceptance, not confusion, not apathy or any number of other possibilities: pure joy.

  3. commune | see definition»

    to communicate with someone or something in a very personal or spiritual way

    She asked Swimmer, whose gifts were greater in this area, to try to commune with it.

  4. buffet | see definition»

    to pound repeatedly : BATTER

    With the water buffeting them, gaining force even as they paused, she turned to Swimmer and Uncle Caesar.

  5. decipher | see definition»

    to make out the meaning of something not clear

    Its rolling eye contained a message she could not decipher.

  6. detritus | see definition»

    the pieces that are left when something breaks, falls apart, is destroyed, etc.

    From a sunken ship and other storm detritus, wood for building whatever they might want.

  7. dwindle | see definition»

    to make or become less or smaller

    The Kraken had stewed for many decades, finally his resentment over being left behind had dwindled.

  8. esteemed | see definition»

    highly regarded

    "He is an esteemed visitor."

  9. etiquette | see definition»

    the rules governing the proper way to behave or to do something

    Pip didn't move his mouth this time, as he was pretty sure the toast was praising him, and he didn't think it would be good etiquette to join in.

  10. fortuitous | see definition»

    having or showing good luck : fortunate

    It seemed fortuitous, hopeful.

  11. peckish | see definition»

    slightly hungry

    "People grew weary but not exhausted, thirsty but not parched, peckish but not starving."

  12. quirk | see definition»

    curve, twist

    He quirked one eyebrow in a question.

  13. recede | see definition»

    to become smaller or weaker

    Until the dreams receded and she could sleep and live again in peace.

  14. recline | see definition»

    to lie down or sit back usually in a relaxed way

    "I need to recline."

  15. rotate | see definition»

    to move or turn in a circle

    He fluttered his hand and the bracelet rotated and sparkled.

  16. unfurl | see definition»

    to open out from a rolled or folded state

    In sleep, their hands slowly loosened and unfurled.

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