Synonyms and Antonyms of voguishness

  1. 1 the quality or state of being fashionable the in-your-face voguishness of his new hairstyle certainly got our attention Synonyms coolness, fashionableness, hip, hipness, hipsterism, modishness, stylishness, trendiness, coolRelated Words chic, chicness, dapperness, elegance, poshness, smartness, style, swank, swankiness; class, grace, gracefulness, majesty, stateliness; artfulness, polish, sophistication, taste, tastefulnessNear Antonyms flashiness, garishness, gaudiness, gracelessness, grotesqueness, tackiness, tastelessness, tawdrinessAntonyms unfashionableness

  2. 2 the state of enjoying widespread approval the short-lived voguishness of so much of what that artist produced Synonyms fashionability, fashionableness, favor, hotness, modishness, vogue, popularityRelated Words craze, fad, mode, rage, style, trend; bandwagon, boom; fame, notoriety, prominence, renown; enthusiasm, fervor, passionNear Antonyms oblivion, obscurityAntonyms disfavor, unpopularity

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