Synonyms and Antonyms of spongy

  1. 1 giving easily to the touch spongy moss covered the ground Synonyms flabby, mushy, pulpy, soft, squashy, squishy, squooshyRelated Words doughy, fleshy; droopy, flaccid, floppy, lank, limp, slack, yielding; bendable, compressible, crushable, elastic, flexible, kneadable, malleable, pliable, pliant, resilient, supple, willowy, workable; airy, lightNear Antonyms inelastic, inflexible, rigid, stiff, tense, unbending, unyielding; resistant, sound, strong, sturdy, tough; case-hardened, crush-proof, hardened, indurated, stiffened, tempered; compacted, compressed, condensed; adamantine, rock, rocklike; sturdy, substantialAntonyms firm, hard, solid

  2. 2 able to soak up liquids especially readily generously pour the brandy over the cake, which is so spongy that it will absorb most of the liquid Synonyms bibulous, absorbent, thirstyRelated Words osmoticAntonyms nonabsorbent

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