Synonyms and Antonyms of seminary

  1. 1 a place or establishment for teaching and learning a seminary exclusively for women Synonyms academe, academy, schoolRelated Words boarding school, prep, preparatory school, prep school; common school, elementary school, grammar school, high school, junior high school, kindergarten, middle school, primary school, public school, secondary school, senior high school, trade school, training school; charter school, magnet school, minischool; madrassa (or madrasa also madrassah or madrasah), Sunday school, yeshiva (also yeshivah)

  2. 2 a place or environment that favors the development of something some claimed that orphanages were seminaries of sin and petty crime, turning out juvenile delinquents by the score Synonyms hotbed, hothouse, nest, nidus, nursery, seedbed, breeding groundRelated Words crucible; base, capital, center, core, cynosure, eye, focus, heart, hub, mecca, nucleus, seat; focus, headquarters

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