noun, chiefly British

Synonyms and Antonyms of punter

  1. 1 a person who buys a product or uses a service from a business an East End prostitute who claimed that many of her punters were from the upper echelons of London society Synonyms account, client, guest, patron, customer [chiefly British]Related Words consumer, end user, user; buyer, correspondent, purchaser, vendee; browser, prospect, shopper, window-shopper; bargainer, haggler; regularNear Antonyms broker, merchant, seller, vendor (also vender); shopkeeper, tradesman; black marketer (or black marketeer), fence

  2. 2 one that bets (as on the outcome of a contest or sports event) the huge amount of money that punters in Britain put on football matches Synonyms gambler, gamester, bettor [chiefly British], wagererRelated Words high roller, piker; dicer; bluffer, punger, sharper, speculator; bookmaker, handicapper, oddsmaker, tipster

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