Synonyms and Antonyms of broker

  1. 1 one who works with opposing sides in order to bring about an agreement the broker in the hostage situation was a prominent reporter that the gunman felt he could trust Synonyms mediator, buffer, conciliator, go-between, honest broker, interceder, intercessor, intermediary, intermediate, interposer, middleman, peacemakerRelated Words troubleshooter; moderator; bargainer, negotiant, negotiator; appeaser, pacificator, pacifier, reconciler; agent, attorney, deputy, factor, procurator, proxy; liaison, medium; ambassador, emissary, envoy, legate, messenger; delegate, representative; busybody, interferer, meddler; arbiter, arbitrator, judge, referee, umpire; adviser (also advisor), counselor (or counsellor)

  2. 2 the person in a business deal who hands over an item in exchange for money all of the local yacht brokers were at the boat show Synonyms vendor, dealer, merchandiser, sellerRelated Words merchant, trader, tradesman; auctioneer, concessionaire; black marketer (or black marketeer), bootlegger, fence, fencer, hustler, scalper, smuggler, trafficker; discounter, distributor, e-tailer, exporter, jobber, reseller, retailer, wholesaler; chapman [British], hawker, huckster, peddler (also pedlar); salesclerk, salesman, salesperson, saleswoman, shopgirl; bargainer, haggler, horse trader, paltererNear Antonyms consumer, end user, userAntonyms buyer, purchaser

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