pretty boy


Synonyms and Antonyms of pretty boy

  1. 1 a man extremely interested in his clothing and personal appearance a downtown dance club with lots of pretty boys in attendance Synonyms beau, Beau Brummell, buck, dude, fop, gallant, jay, lounge lizard, macaroni, dandy, toff [chiefly British]Related Words coxcomb, fancy Dan, popinjay; blade, cavalier, dasher; clotheshorse, exquisite, swellNear Antonyms slob, sloven

  2. 2 a physically attractive man as a musical performer, he has yet to prove that he's more than just another pretty boy Synonyms beefcake, hunk, stud, superstudRelated Words babe [slang], dish, doll, dreamboat [slang], eye candy, eyeful, fox, knockout, stunner; lady-killer, sheik, womanizerNear Antonyms dog, grotesquerie (also grotesquery), monster, nerd

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