Synonyms and Antonyms of minister

  1. 1 a person sent on a mission to represent another the British ministers at the international peace conference Synonyms agent, delegate, emissary, envoy, legate, ambassador, representativeRelated Words ambassadress; attaché, chargé d'affaires, consul, deputy, diplomat, foreign minister, nuncio, procurator, proxy; apostle, evangelist, missionary; deputation, detachment, legation; courier, messenger; mouthpiece, spokesperson

  2. 2 a person specially trained and authorized to conduct religious services in a Christian church our minister gives an interesting sermon every week Synonyms cleric, clerical, clerk, deacon, divine, dominie, ecclesiastic, clergyperson, preacher, priest, reverendRelated Words churchman, clergyman, father, Holy Joe [slang], padre; clergywoman, deaconess, priestess; abbot, archbishop, archpriest, bishop, dean, diocesan, monsignor, pope, prelate, presbyter; abbé, curate, curé, parson, pastor, rector, shepherd, vicar; chaplain, confessor, sky pilot; evangelist, missionary, missioner, missionizer, revivalist; friar, mendicant, monastic, monk, oblate, religious; high priest, high priestessNear Antonyms lay reader, lectorAntonyms layman, layperson, secular

  3. 3 a person who acts or does business for another she's merely a minister of the corporation Synonyms assignee, attorney, commissary, delegate, deputy, envoy, factor, agent, procurator, proxy, rep, representativeRelated Words ambassador, diplomat, diplomatist, emissary, foreign minister, legate, plenipotentiary; alternate, backup, pinch hitter, relief, replacement, stand-in, sub, substitute, surrogate, understudy; informer, operative, spy; broker, distributor, manager; arbiter, arbitrator, comprador (or compradore), conciliator, go-between, intercessor, intermediary, interposer, liaison, mediator, middleman, peacemaker; mouthpiece, point man, point person, prophet, speaker, spokesman, spokesperson

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