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Synonyms and Antonyms of look up

  1. 1 to go in search of be sure to look me up if you're ever in town Synonyms cast about (for), cast around (for), chase (down), forage (for), hunt, seek, pursue, quest, search (for or out), shop (for)Related Words ferret (out), root (out)Near Antonyms hide, lose; ignore, neglect

  2. 2 to become glad or hopeful by the next morning, the skies had begun to clear and we were looking up Synonyms brighten, buck up, lighten, cheer, perk (up)Related Words rejoice; liven (up), revive; beam, glow, radiate, sparkle; encourage, gladden, heartenNear Antonyms despair, despond; brood, fret, mopeAntonyms darken, sadden

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feeling or affected by lethargy

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