Synonyms and Antonyms of intricacy

  1. 1 something that makes a situation more complicated or difficult just now learning the intricacies of owning one's own business Synonyms complexity, complicacy, convolution, difficulty, complicationRelated Words aftereffect, ramification, side effect (also side reaction); subtlety, technicality; annoyance, bitch, bother, headache, inconvenience, matter, trouble

  2. 2 the state or quality of having many interrelated parts or aspects the intricacy of the puzzle requires close concentration Synonyms complexness, complicacy, complicatedness, complication, elaborateness, complexity, intricateness, involution, knottiness, sophisticationRelated Words diversity, heterogeneity, heterogeneousness, multifariousness; impenetrability, incomprehensibility, inexplicabilityNear Antonyms simplification; homogeneity, uniformityAntonyms plainness, simpleness, simplicity

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quaintly unconventional or refined

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