Synonyms and Antonyms of immobile

  1. 1 fixed in a place or position the patient must remain immobile while he is in the MRI unit Synonyms stationary, nonmoving, standing, staticRelated Words immotile, immovable, irremovable, nonmotile, unmovable; frozen, motionless, moveless, stagnant, still; stuck, unbudging, wedged; fast, rooted, steadfastNear Antonyms motile; adjustable, flexible, modular; displaceable, portable, removable (also removeable), transferable (also transferrable), transportable; unbalanced, unstable, unsteadyAntonyms mobile, movable (or moveable), moving, nonstationary

  2. 2 incapable of moving or being moved a huge, immobile tree of an endangered species that the creators of the theme park decided to make part of the design Synonyms immovable, immotile, irremovable, nonmotile, nonmoving, unbudging, unmovableRelated Words motionless, moveless, static, stationary, still; fast, fixed, rooted, steadfast, stuck, wedgedNear Antonyms portable, removable (also removeable), transferable (also transferrable), transportableAntonyms mobile, motile, movable (or moveable), moving

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