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  1. dealing with or expressing a quality or idea ideograms are ideational—they are meant to suggest some general idea and not a particular word or phrase Synonyms conceptual, ideal, abstract, metaphysical, notional, theoretical (also theoretic)Related Words conjectural, hypothetical, speculative; cosmic (also cosmical), intellectual, mental, spiritual; ethereal, immaterial, incorporeal, insubstantial, nonmaterial, nonphysical, unsubstantial; impalpable, imperceptible, insensible, intangible, invisible; impractical, romantic, transcendent, transcendental, unreal, utopian, visionaryNear Antonyms material, physical; appreciable, detectable, discernible (also discernable), noticeable, observable, palpable, perceptible, sensible, substantial, tangible, visible; defined, definite, distinct; actual, factual, realAntonyms concrete, nonabstract

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