Synonyms and Antonyms of grouser

  1. an irritable and complaining person had the misfortune of waiting on a table full of grousers, who sent her back to the kitchen constantly and then refused to tip her Synonyms bear, bellyacher, complainer, crab, crank, croaker, crosspatch, curmudgeon, fusser, griper, grouch, growler, grumbler, grump, murmurer, mutterer, sourpuss, whinerRelated Words hunks; malcontent, sorehead; grinch, killjoy, party pooper, spoilsport; defeatist, pessimist; faultfinder, kicker, nagger, nitpicker, objector, quibbler, repiner; crock [slang], hypochondriacNear Antonyms optimist, Pollyanna; happy camper

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