Synonyms and Antonyms of grinch

  1. a person who spoils the pleasure of others accused the mayor of being a grinch after he cancelled the city's annual holiday parade for budgetary reasons Synonyms drag, killjoy, party pooper, spoilsport, wet blanketRelated Words fuddy-duddy, goody-goody, Goody Two-shoes, old maid, stick-in-the-mud; defeatist, Jeremiah, knocker, pessimist; complainer, crab, cynic, grouch, grump, sorehead, sourpuss, whiner; bore, downer, dripNear Antonyms cutup, jester, live wire; carouser, celebrant, celebrator, merrymaker, rejoicer, reveler (or reveller), roisterer; libertine, playboy, playgirl, rake

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