correspond to


Synonyms and Antonyms of correspond to

  1. 1 to be the exact counterpart of the British chancellor of the exchequer corresponds to the U.S. secretary of the treasury Synonyms match (to), equal, parallelRelated Words blend (with), conform (to), coordinate (with), go (with), harmonize (with); complement, supplement; counterbalance, counterpoise; echo, image, mirror, repeat; add up (to), amount (to), approach, come (to), near; measure (up), partake (of), rival, suggest

  2. 2 to be the same in meaning or effect “shut up” and “please be quiet” may correspond to each other in meaning, but please use the more polite phrase Synonyms add up (to), come (to), amount (to), emulate, equalRelated Words approach, match, measure (up), meet, rival, touch; connote, denote, express, import, mean, signify, smack (of), spell, suggest

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