Synonyms and Antonyms of beak

  1. 1 the jaws of a bird together with their hornlike covering the bird cracked the walnut shell with its beak and ate its nut Synonyms bill, neb, nib Related Words mouth; muzzle; mandible, maw, maxilla

  2. 2 the part of the face bearing the nostrils and nasal cavity the man's prominent beak gives him a somewhat aquiline appearance Synonyms nose, conk [chiefly British slang], honker [slang], neb, nozzle [slang], proboscis, schnoz (or schnozz) [slang], schnozzle [slang], smeller, snoot, snoutRelated Words pug, pugnose

  3. 3 chiefly British  a public official having authority to decide questions of law received a stiff sentence from one of the harshest beaks in all of London Synonyms adjudicator, judge [chiefly British], bench, court, jurist, justice, magistrateRelated Words chief justice, circuit judge, justice of the peace, squire; auditor, master; jurisconsult, jurisprudent

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