noun vol·ume \ˈväl-(ˌ)yüm, -yəm\
Updated on: 26 Jul 2017

Definition of volume

  1. 1 :  the degree of loudness or the intensity of a sound; also :  loudness

  2. 2 :  the amount of space occupied by a three-dimensional object as measured in cubic units (such as quarts or liters) :  cubic capacity — see metric system table, weight table

  3. 3a (1) :  amount; also :  bulk, mass (2) :  a considerable quantityb :  the amount of a substance occupying a particular volumec :  mass or the representation of mass in art or architecture

  4. 4a :  a series of printed sheets bound typically in book form :  bookb :  a series of issues of a periodicalc :  album 1c

  5. 5 :  scroll 1a


play \ˈväl-(ˌ)yümd, -yəmd\ adjective

Examples of volume in a Sentence

  1. The volume is too loud.

  2. Can you turn the volume up?

  3. playing music at full volume

  4. She fiddled with the volume on the stereo.

  5. a high volume of sales

  6. Huge volumes of park visitors come through every weekend.

  7. an increase in traffic volume

  8. The box has a volume of three cubic meters.

  9. We measure the items by weight, not by volume.

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Origin and Etymology of volume

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin volumen roll, scroll, from volvere to roll

Synonym Discussion of volume

bulk, mass, volume mean the aggregate that forms a body or unit. bulk implies an aggregate that is impressively large, heavy, or numerous. the darkened bulk of the skyscrapers mass suggests an aggregate made by piling together things of the same kind. a mass of boulders volume applies to an aggregate without shape or outline and capable of flowing or fluctuating. a tremendous volume of water



verb vol·ume

Definition of volume




  1. transitive verb
  2. :  to send or give out in volume

  3. intransitive verb
  4. :  to roll or rise in volume

First Known Use of volume




adjective vol·ume

Definition of volume

  1. :  involving large quantities volume sales

First Known Use of volume

circa 1945

Financial Definition of VOLUME


What It Is

Volume represents the total number of securities traded during a certain period of time.

How It Works

Volume records the number of transactions taking place during a period of time. It is a direct measure of liquidity in a market. The major exchanges report volume figures on a daily basis, both for individual securities and for the total amount of trades executed on the exchange.

For example, let's assume a buyer of stock purchases 500 shares from a seller. The volume then increases by 500 shares for that period of time.

Volume also reflects pricing momentum. When market activity -- i.e., volume -- is low, investors anticipate slower moving (or declining) prices. When market activity goes up, pricing typically moves in the same direction.

Why It Matters

Next to price, volume is likely the most closely watched indicator in technical analysis because it conveys so much information.

Technical analysts believe that volume can serve as a warning signal as to whether a stock is on the verge of breaking into upside territory (high volume) or into a downside trend (low volume). Low volume of a security, even if it's rising in price, can indicate a lack of conviction among investors. Conversely, high volume of a particular security can indicate that traders are placing their long-term confidence in the investment.

Volume is incredibly important to traders. Without volume, it becomes more difficult to buy or sell securities when you want to, and at the price you want.

VOLUME Defined for English Language Learners



Definition of volume for English Language Learners

  • : the amount of sound that is produced by a television, radio, stereo, etc.

  • : a knob, lever, etc., that controls the amount of sound something makes

  • : an amount of something

VOLUME Defined for Kids


noun vol·ume \ˈväl-yəm, -yüm\

Definition of volume for Students

  1. 1 :  1book 1

  2. 2 :  one of a series of books that together form a complete work or collection

  3. 3 :  an amount of space that can be measured in cubic units The volume of the box is three cubic feet.

  4. 4 :  2amount a high volume of sales

  5. 5 :  a large amount He received volumes of mail.

  6. 6 :  the degree of loudness of a sound Turn up the volume of the radio.

History for volume

The earliest books were not like the books we read today. Instead of having pages that turn, they were written on rolls of papyrus. The Latin word for such a scroll, volumen, came from the verb volvere, meaning “to roll.” English volume came by way of French from Latin volumen. At first volume meant “scroll” or “book,” but later it came to mean “the size of a book” as well. This sense led to the more general meaning of “size” or “amount”—as in the volume of a jar or the volume of sales. From this sense came still another meaning: “loudness or intensity of sound.”

Medical Dictionary


noun vol·ume \ˈväl-yəm, -(ˌ)yüm\

Medical Definition of volume

  1. 1:  the amount of space occupied by a three-dimensional figure as measured in cubic units (as inches, quarts, or centimeters) :  cubic capacity

  2. 2:  the amount of a substance occupying a particular volume

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