tool kit


Definition of tool kit

  1. :  a set of tools

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a handheld device that aids in accomplishing a task

    :  the cutting or shaping part in a machine or machine tool

    :  a machine for shaping metal :  machine tool

  1. :  to cause (a vehicle) to go :  drive

    :  to convey in a vehicle

    :  to shape, form, or finish with a tool

  1. :  a design (as on the binding of a book) made by tooling

  1. :  a wooden tub

    :  a collection of articles usually for personal use

    :  a set of tools or implements

  1. :  equip, outfit

  1. :  a small narrow violin

  1. :  kitten

    :  a young or undersized fur-bearing animal

    :  its pelt

  1. : kitchen

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