the upper crust

Definition of the upper crust


  1. :  the highest social class or group :  upper class the upper crust of American society

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  higher in physical position, rank, or order

    :  farther inland

    :  constituting the branch of a bicameral legislature that is usually smaller and more restricted in membership and possesses greater traditional prestige than the lower house

  1. :  one that is upper: such as

    :  the parts of a shoe or boot above the sole

    :  an upper tooth or denture

  1. :  a stimulant drug

    :  amphetamine

    :  something that induces a state of good feeling or exhilaration

  1. :  the hardened exterior or surface part of bread

    :  a piece of this or of bread grown dry or hard

    :  the pastry shell of a pie :  piecrust

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