snap to it

Definition of snap to it


  1. :  to start working harder or more quickly You'll have to snap to it if you want to finish on time.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to make a sudden closing of the jaws :  seize something sharply with the mouth

    :  to grasp at something eagerly :  make a pounce or snatch

    :  to utter sharp biting words :  bark out irritable or peevish retorts

  1. :  an abrupt closing (as of the mouth in biting or of scissors in cutting)

    :  a share of profits or booty

    :  something that brings quick and easy profit or advantage

  1. :  with a snap

  1. :  done, made, or carried through suddenly or without deliberation

    :  called or taken without prior warning

    :  fastening with a snap

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