rubber boot


Definition of rubber boot


  1. :  a tall boot that is made out of rubber and that keeps the feet and lower legs dry

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  one that rubs

    :  an instrument or object (such as a rubber eraser) used in rubbing, polishing, scraping, or cleaning

    :  something that prevents rubbing or chafing

  1. :  a contest consisting of an odd number of games won by the side that takes a majority (such as two out of three)

    :  an odd game played to determine the winner of a tie

  1. :  deliverance

    :  something to equalize a trade

    :  avail

  1. :  avail, profit

  1. :  a fitted covering (as of leather or rubber) for the foot and usually reaching above the ankle

    :  an instrument of torture used to crush the leg and foot

    :  something that resembles or is likened to a boot

  1. :  to put boots on

    :  kick

    :  to make an error on (a grounder in baseball)

  1. :  booty, plunder

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a trip made at another's expense

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