rob Peter to pay Paul

Definition of rob Peter to pay Paul

  1. :  to take money that was meant for one person or thing and use it to pay someone else or to pay for something else

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to take something away from by force :  steal from

    :  to take personal property from by violence or threat

    :  to remove valuables without right from (a place)

peterplay Peter
  1. :  to diminish gradually and come to an end :  give out

  1. :  to make due return to for services rendered or property delivered

    :  to engage for money :  hire

    :  to give in return for goods or service

  1. :  something paid for a purpose and especially as a salary or wage :  remuneration

    :  the act or fact of paying or being paid

    :  the status of being paid by an employer :  employ

  1. :  containing or leading to something precious or valuable

    :  equipped with a coin slot for receiving a fee for use

    :  requiring payment

  1. :  to coat with a waterproof composition

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